HairMax Lasercomb
Ultima 12

Targeted Treatment or Full Scalp Coverage.

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HairMax LaserComb

The new state of the art, Ultima 12 LaserComb combines the benefi ts of HairMax’s clinically proven hair growth technology with a new iconic Italian design. This targeted laser treatment delivers nourishing light energy directly to your hair follicles to regrow your hair. Now you can experience new hair growth, increased density and healthier, fuller more attractive hair in just weeks.

HairMax LaserComb

The HairMax LaserComb delivers gentle, nourishing laser light to your hair follicles which stimulates cellular energy production to create a healthier environment for hair growth. This boost of laser light encourages more blood flow to the follicle, bringing in more oxygen and nutrients, activating antioxidant defenses, and speeding up the elimination of waste products such as DHT. HairMax laser light treatments help restore your hair’s natural growth cycle resulting in new hair growth with increased density, fullness, and vibrancy.

HairMax® Ultima12 LaserComb


Low Level laser Therapy

Delivers therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles to stimulate hair growth

Laser Dioed

12 Medical grade lasers (No LEDs)

Full scalp coverage

Targeted treatment or full scalp coverage as you want

A new iconic Italian design

This targeted laser treatment delivers nourishing light energy directly to your hair follicles to regrow your hair.

Hair parting teeth

Patented teeth effectively part hair ensuring maximum delivery of therapeutic light to your scalp

Convenient to use

Fastest treatment time – as little as 8 minutes. Cordless & lightweight.

How to use?

Detailed instructions on how to use, charge and care for your HairMax Ultima 12 Hair Growth Laser Device

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