Terms and Conditions

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1. “Purchaser” refers to any persons who need to purchase HairMax products and other products from the dealer via this website.
2. “Dealer” refers to HAIRMAX (Thailand) Limited Company, Thailand’s HairMax products official dealer.
3. “Product” refers to HairMax products and other services which distributed by the dealer on this website.
4. “Website” refers to website; hairmaxthailand.com.
General Terms

This agreement is referred as (Sales Contract) between Purchaser and Dealer if there are any differed form of HairMax product purchasing Terms’ contents, any contents in this agreement shall be enforced unless Purchaser and Dealer will to conduct additional agreement in written.

Terms of Payment
  1. If the Purchaser conducts the wrong payment or transfers to the wrong account, it shall be responsible of the Purchaser to follow and ask for refunding.   
  2. If the Purchaser does not conduct the complete payment, the website is able to have this payment without product delivery conduction or to adjust the purchase order condition for remaining payment or to deliver incomplete numbers of product but it shall depend on payment balance. However, if the Purchaser will to revise the purchase order to adjust the payment balance, the website shall be pleased to revise the purchase order.        
  3. In case of incomplete payment, if the Purchaser will to complete the payment within 3 days after the website announced an incomplete payment, website shall be pleased to allow without additional expenses or does not hold back the purchase order and deliver the product within 1 working day after the complete payment has done.      
  4. The payment shall be complete after the website was paid from the Purchaser and the payment was already verified as complete via both bank account (direct bank payment, online payment, or ATM payment) and credit card payment. The Purchaser shall inform the payment purpose via telephone, email, LINE or Facebook of the Dealer as mentioned above.  
Product Delivery

Every purchase order via hairmxthailand.com shall follow these Delivery Terms and Conditions;
1. Free domestic (Thailand) delivery cost
2. Products shall be delivered within 24 hours of working days after the payment was completely
3. HAIRMAX (Thailand) Limited Company will to deliver our products via Kerry Express.
However, the customers are able to request for Thailand Post instead.
4. After the delivery, the company shall contact the customers to inform their tracking number.
5. The products shall deliver to the customers mentioned address on Checkout menu. They shall
arrive within 2-3 working days unless the other circumstances.
6. The customers shall be responsible to increase the product warranty amount for instance the
maximum warranty amount is 50,000 baht. However, the warranty charge shall depend on the

transport agencies. Therefore, the customers need to inform the company about the warranty
amount increasing before conduct any payment.
7. By default, the transport agencies shall provide product warranty for 2,000 baht.
8. In case of any obstruction and unexpected circumstances from the company which delay the
product and parcel delivery, the company shall inform the customer within 24 hours.
9. The company’s working days are Mondays – Fridays except official and annual holidays from
9.00 a.m. – 6 p.m.
10. The delivery period is during 24-48 hours within Bangkok areas and shall be 24-76 hours within
the other province areas after the delivery date was informed.
11. The customers are able to check the tracking number on the transport agencies’ websites.

Force Majeure

The Dealer shall reserve any Force Majeure circumstances for instance delayed delivery from
protestation, rebellion, civil war, terrorism, war, or natural disaster. Due to these Force Majeure circumstances, the Dealer might be not able to follow certain or entire conditions in this agreement according to schedule. However, the Dealer dedicates to distribute and delivery the products as soon as possible under these Force Majeure circumstances.

Ownership of Products

The Ownership of Products shall belong to the Dealer as long as the Purchaser have conducted the complete payment.

  1. Every laser device under HairMax’s trademark shall be warranted for 24 months from the purchased date. If any devices are damaged, defected, broken or failed due to the ordinary function, the Dealer will to repair, maintenance, restore or change according to appropriate process without additional payments.        
  2. After 24 months of warranty period, the Purchasers are able to request for product maintenance with additional expenses. However, the Dealer shall inform the maintenance costs to the Purchaser and the Dealer needs to affirm this payment before maintenance.        
  3. In case of product defections, the Purchaser is able to require the warranty through the mentioned above details. The Purchaser shall be responsible for return cost in cases of product substitution and maintenance.    
  4. In case of additional warranty’s conditions and contents, the Purchaser is able to check them on Product Warranty menu
  1. The Purchaser needs to read and acknowledge about terms of service on website and if the customers do any improper and inattentive actions at all costs for instance re-order, wrong order, do not select free products (promotion), or conduct the wrong payment, these actions shall be apart from the Purchaser’s supervision therefore, the Purchaser is not able to responsible any actions. Website shall reserve product substitution and return rights according to the company’s discretion and suitability.                    
  2. The Purchasers shall verify that the delivered products shall be usable and proper for themselves or receivers. The Purchasers could check the products data on website page or dealer through the mentioned contact methods.   
  3. The Purchasers are not able to claim for any damages from physical and mental harms after used the products. However, the Dealer already specified direction or warning or prohibition on the product information both on website and manual.  
Privacy Policy

This website shall not disclose certain users’ personal data to the third parties or transfer to the
other parties. Cookies is applied to record the customers data in order to monitor product and parcel monitoring, access Log In function, analyze system development or access to this website only. For more information, please observe Privacy Policy.

Enforced Laws

This agreement shall be enforced and interpreted according to Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand. In case of any arguments, both Parties shall agree to propose them before Electronics Commercial Division, Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce, in order to settle any disputes. If any disputes shall not be settled, they need to be proposed before arbitrator or arbitration institute(s), an umpire, and agree to enforce arbitrament for both Parties.