How long does it take to see results for treatment with the HairMax laser devices?

Results from treatment with the HairMax laser devices takes time as hair grows ½ inch a month, so do not expect to see results ‘overnight’. Users typically begin to see results within 12 to 16 weeks, so it is important to take the ‘long view’ and give the devices time to work. While results vary with each individual, in the clinical studies, over 90% of users experience hair growth. Some of our researchers also feel that further positive results can occur beyond the 26-week period of time of the studies, for up to a year or more of continued use.

What benefits will I see from using the HairMax laser devices?

Any of the following indicates response to treatment with the HairMax laser devices: New hair growth, Reversal of hair thinning, Hair growing stronger, Increase density and fullness, More managability and vibrancy, Less shedding will occur over time.

Will HairMax laser devices work for me?

While results vary from individual to individual, over 90% of participants in the clinical trials regrewhair. Found that the average new hair growth increased 129 lines per square inch.

Do the more expensive HairMax laser devices have higher power, and give better results?

No, all devices emit the same energy level and will give the same results, with the only difference between models being the treatment time, i.e. the more lasers, the shorter the treatment time.

How long do I have to use the HairMax laser devices and do I have to use them forever?

To maintain results, you have to continue using the HairMax laser devices indefinitely on a consistent basis to continue to see positive benefits. Once you are satisfied with the results, you may try to cut back on treatments to twice a week for maintenance. However, if shedding occurs, you will have to return to treatment 3 times a week.

Do HairMax laser devices work on the entire head or only on the top?

The HairMax laser devices treat hair loss and thinning hair* over the entire head, back, front, top and sides.

I have been using the HairMax laser device for many weeks, but I am not seeing results so where do I go from here?

We recommend that you take the ‘long view’ to judge results. The HairMax laser devices work in 2 ways – to help regrow hair and/or to help you keep what you have. Therefore, we recommend that you use the device for at least 20 weeks, to judge results.

Are the HairMax laser devices safe to use with other hair growth products?

HairMax laser devices are safe and gentle, and can be used with other hair growth products. Including Minoxidil and Finasteride.

What is the laser strength and life expectancy of the laser light in a HairMax laser device?

HairMax laser devices are an FDA Cleared home use laser devices clinically proven safe and effective for men and women. All HairMax models are designed to last up to 10-15 years. The laser strength is approximately 655 nm, and 5 mw per beam. Lexington International uses the highest quality components to manufacture HairMax laser devices. Our lasers are precise components that are designed to last 15,000 hours. The lasers have internal circuitry to ensure they are providing the optimum level of laser output. If the laser starts to fail, the power level will not diminish, they will completely shut off.

How often do I have to recharge the battery in my HairMax laser device?

All HairMax laser devices are equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and, once charged, can be used for approximately 24 hours of continuous use. When the battery requires charging, the HairMax device will turn off and the red indicator light will start to blink. It is recommended that you always return the HairMax to the charging cradle after each use to keep it fully charged. Please see your HairMax device User Manual for charging details.

Is the laser power of the HairMax LaserComb diminished if the battery is not fully charged?

If the laser power diminishes because of low battery, the device will automatically power off. If this should happen while in use, simply plug in the power supply and continue your treatment. It is recommended that you carry the power cord with you if you are away from the charging cradle location for an extended period of time.

What do I do if my HairMax laser device has stopped functioning properly?

HAIRMAX (Thailand) Co., Ltd. offers a full 2-year warranty on all our HairMax laser devices purchased from authorized distributors. The warranty protects against factory defects and workmanship errors. If your unit has stopped functioning within this time period, feel free to contact our office so that we can personally assist you with your warranty questions or concerns. Kindly contact a support specialist at 02-004-8612 during the hours of 9 am and 6 pm , Monday through Friday, and please have your device, power cord and cradle available for troubleshooting.

What if my HairMax laser device has stopped working and I am outside of the specified warranty period?

In the rare event that your unit stops working after your 2-year warranty period has expired, contact customer service between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday, at 02- 004-8612 with the device, power cord and cradle available for troubleshooting.

Are there any side effects from using the HairMax laser devices and are they safe?

There have never been any reports of harmful side effects occurring from using the HairMax laser devices, in the past 15 years that the devices have been on the market, nor from the clinical trials.

Can HairMax laser devices burn my scalp?

No, the HairMax laser devices utilize lasers that do not give off heat, so they cannot burn your scalp.

Can HairMax laser devices be overused?

The healthy laser light provided by the devices are safe and gentle. Using the HairMax laser devices more often does not improve results or make them appear faster. The device should be used every other day to receive optimal benefit. Using the devices more often can over-stimulate the hair follicles which may diminish the results seen.

When I first started using a HairMax laser device I had some tingling and itching. Will this go away?

When you start treatment with a HairMax laser device, the follicle began receiving an increased blood flow, so you may experience some tingling or itching, which should disappear within 1 to 2 weeks of continued use.

Can I get skin cancer from using the HairMax laser device?

No, the light energy that can cause cancer is UVA as emitted by sun light. The lasers in the HairMax laser devices have a completely different wave length than UVA, so there is no relationship. However, if you are under treatment for skin cancer of the scalp, it is always best to speak with your doctor about applying any light treatment to that area.

What will happen if I stare at the lasers in the HairMax laser devices?

You should not stare at the laser light of the devices or look at them in a mirror. However, if you exposed your eyes too much, you would experience eye irritation.

Can I use HairMax laser device if I am pregnant or nursing?

As with all drugs and medical devices, we recommend that you ask your healthcare provider as to whether to begin treatment with a HairMax laser device if you are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant.