Warranty Conditions


1. Product hereinafter referred to laser devices; HairMax Ultima 9 Classic, HairMax Ultima 12, HairMax LaserBand 41, HairMax LaserBand 82 , HairMax Flip 80 and HairMax Laser 272.
hereinafter referred to the person(s) who purchase laser device(s) from HairMax (Thailand) Limited Company or the company’s dealers.
3. Company hereinafter referred to HAIRMAX (Thailand) Limited Company.

Product Warranty

Products from HairMax (Thailand) Limited Company like laser devices* shall be warranted with expiration date under these Terms and Conditions;

1. Product warranty is only valid for purchases made within The Kingdom of Thailand directly with the company or the company’s distribution channels. Imported product is not covered under the company’s warranty.

2. The warranty is valid for 12 months from the purchasing date. (For those who register for warranty via online channels within 30 days from the date of purchase will be extended the warranty period from 12 months to be 24 months, more details please contact at the company’s contact channels)

3. The full warranty period covers under manufacturer defects for devices and battery only. Adapters is covered for 6 months from date of purchase.

4. All claims must be verified through serial number on the devices to ensure validity. Company reserve the right to refuse any claims if serial number does not match to our database or not present.

5. Any improper use and not following the instruction on the manual may void the warranty.

6. All devices are immediately voided if tempered.

7. Warranty does not cover product or accessories caused by physically or water damaged in any shape or form.

8. Warranty does not cover power surge or short circuit by charging with an adaptor non other than provided by the devices.

9. To warrant product claims, customer require to send the product along with receipt or document with proof of purchase. Please allow at least 7-14 business days from the date the company received the product to perform product checks, repair or replacement.

10. To repair and check the product outside of warranty period or terms and condition will result in fees. This includes but not limited to accessories, shipping fee, taxes. Company will inform the customer in advance shall those fee incur.

11. For product claims, customers can send the product to the company address listed on the warranty card. Customer can inform on the issues through different channels provided by the company eg. email, phone, line, facebook before customer decides to send the product.

12. It is under customer’s expense for shipping fee to send the product to the company for claims. The company will pay for the shipping back to the customer if the warranty is still valid otherwise the charge for sending back will also incur by the customer.

13. To claim the product under warranty, the company reserve the rights to repair, replace only the damaged device or accessory as appropriate.

14. The company reserve the rights to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Customer can visit hairmaxthailand.com under product warranty for more information.

** It refers to product delivery or receipt, invoice, or payment bill affixed date.

*** If the customer do not have warranty cards, receipts, or payment bills and could not verify that
device IMEI numbers are approved from HairMax (Thailand) Limited Company, these laser devices
shall not be warranted in order to protect any product warranty falsification or subrogation.

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